Clearly an EP

by Class 36

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This is the first album from the Indie Rock band that is Class 36. We are a bunch of kids from Grove City, PA (and also Slippery Rock, PA) who love to make music together. Clearly an EP is equal parts leftover songs from the Folk Rock band, the Galway Cannons, and us experimenting as a new band. You'll find that none of the songs here sound like one another. That's mostly intentional, but kind of an accident. We like to joke that we don't know what "genre" means, and the sentiment is true. We enjoy pushing the edges of genre definitions, and letting songs go where they want to go.
Thank you so much for listening! The EP is free to stream and only a dollar to download, but if you want to give us more money... Well, we wouldn't say no.


released June 15, 2014

Lucy Elkin - Piano, Violin, Vocals
Andy Frey - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Trumpet, Ukulele, Vocals
Scott DiBello - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, French Horn, Guitar, Vocals
Rebecca Zane - Vocals
Will Potter - Mandolin, Vocals
Jordan Powell - Trombone
Caleb Stewart - Drums, Vocals
Luke Oxendale - Bass Guitar, Drums, Mixing Wizard




Class 36 Grove City, Pennsylvania

We like to hit things that make pleasing sounds while making similar sounds with our mouths.
Follow us on twitter @Class36Band
Class 36 is: Scott DiBello, Lucy Elkin, Andy Frey, Caleb Stewart, and Rebecca Zane.

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Track Name: Clearly.
I saw you look my way one sunny afternoon
which soon traded rays for the rain
But in the storm, we laughed and danced cares away
Caught up on you, I wish I knew what to say

You spoke softly, but it hit me oh-so hard
In your silence, it's where I first found striking charm
Something about your way, back on that September night
made me count the days 'til at last I called you mine

But between the metro and the taxi
We couldn't think about what we used to be.
But if you ask me a question about myself
I couldn't answer 'cause I know me about as well as I know you.
Track Name: Virginia
I'm not sad, dear Virginia
The best laid plans of men often go bad
I'm happy 'cause now I know that
We'll always be friendly little enemies

You were wrapped in youth, but every smile
Left its sting in me like a pulled tooth
But I'm not sad, dear Virginia that you
Wanted me like help in a paper ad

You ran with me so happily
I had my doubts; I wanted out
You played my heart; threw me so hard
I wanted more; you showed me to the door
But it's alright now
I'm not sad anymore

On the outside, your beauty shined
So I told myself it wasn't on the inside
But I read the book cover-to-cover of the
Beautiful chaos easy to over look

So grab your starlit sky. Hold it tight as you
Try to fathom your constellations
And wonder why you feel empty as you
Look me in the eye and say "goodbye"

I was upset, I was angry, I was sad
I was disappointed
I kept kicking myself
I handled it so poorly
You were the princess, your castle me to pamper
But I blinded you, you never saw the prince under the pauper
Track Name: Alright
It's the song of the hopeless
The night breaths of the restless
Tossing and turning, they're yearning
Yearning for rest at long last

It's the anchor of the captain
His albatross shot down
The anchor it scrapes for a catch
It's the one burning question that shatters the mast

Will it be alright
Will it be alright
When we turn 'round the bend
Will we rest our heads
Will it be alright
Will it be alright

My heart says that it will be fine
My heart says that it will all end
But my head says that it will all end
My head says existence be shred

I've been told not to worry, relax, just be calm
In time all things will mend, we'll be strong
You see I hope that they're right
'Cause some days when I wake up I don't feel alive
Track Name: Never Fade
Once was a girl who was afraid of the world
She was worried 'bout what they'd think
She was too conscious of shining on her own
But that all changed
That all changed

Changed when some funny strangers entered her life
Bringing hope to her worried eyes
With love in their hearts and welcoming hands
They took away the fear and replaced it with strength
Replaced it with strength

Then they brought the happiness
One can only dream about to life
Brought it to life

Their bindings will grow stronger each and every day
They earned a special place in her heart that would
Never fade
Track Name: Thx
Thank you for listening to our EP!