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Clearly. by Scott DiBello


I saw you look my way one sunny afternoon
which soon traded rays for the rain
But in the storm, we laughed and danced cares away
Caught up on you, I wish I knew what to say

You spoke softly, but it hit me oh-so hard
In your silence, it's where I first found striking charm
Something about your way, back on that September night
made me count the days 'til at last I called you mine

But between the metro and the taxi
We couldn't think about what we used to be.
But if you ask me a question about myself
I couldn't answer 'cause I know me about as well as I know you.


from Clearly an EP, released June 15, 2014
Andy Frey - Synthesizer, Trumpet, Ukulele, Vocals
Caleb Stewart - Vocals
Jordan Powell - Trombone
Lucy Elkin - Vocal
Luke Oxendale - Percussion
Scott DiBello - Banjo, Bass, French Horn, Guitar, Vocals




Class 36 Grove City, Pennsylvania

We like to hit things that make pleasing sounds while making similar sounds with our mouths.
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Class 36 is: Scott DiBello, Lucy Elkin, Andy Frey, Caleb Stewart, and Rebecca Zane.

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