from by Class 36



by Andy Frey


It's the song of the hopeless
The night breaths of the restless
Tossing and turning, they're yearning
Yearning for rest at long last

It's the anchor of the captain
His albatross shot down
The anchor it scrapes for a catch
It's the one burning question that shatters the mast

Will it be alright
Will it be alright
When we turn 'round the bend
Will we rest our heads
Will it be alright
Will it be alright

My heart says that it will be fine
My heart says that it will all end
But my head says that it will all end
My head says existence be shred

I've been told not to worry, relax, just be calm
In time all things will mend, we'll be strong
You see I hope that they're right
'Cause some days when I wake up I don't feel alive


from Clearly an EP, released June 15, 2014
Andy Frey - Electric Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Jake Oxendale - Drums
Lucy Elkin - Vocals
Scott DiBello - Bass Guitar
Will Potter - Mandolin, Vocals




Class 36 Grove City, Pennsylvania

We like to hit things that make pleasing sounds while making similar sounds with our mouths.
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Class 36 is: Scott DiBello, Lucy Elkin, Andy Frey, Caleb Stewart, and Rebecca Zane.

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