Never Fade

from by Class 36



Never Fade
by Lucy Elkin


Once was a girl who was afraid of the world
She was worried 'bout what they'd think
She was too conscious of shining on her own
But that all changed
That all changed

Changed when some funny strangers entered her life
Bringing hope to her worried eyes
With love in their hearts and welcoming hands
They took away the fear and replaced it with strength
Replaced it with strength

Then they brought the happiness
One can only dream about to life
Brought it to life

Their bindings will grow stronger each and every day
They earned a special place in her heart that would
Never fade


from Clearly an EP, released June 15, 2014
Andy Frey - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Trumpet, Bass Guitar
Lucy Elkin - Vocals, Piano, Violin
Scott DiBello - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar




Class 36 Grove City, Pennsylvania

We like to hit things that make pleasing sounds while making similar sounds with our mouths.
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Class 36 is: Scott DiBello, Lucy Elkin, Andy Frey, Caleb Stewart, and Rebecca Zane.

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